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Make plans, but remain open to guidance and suggestions which others make. Eventually, you can add the finishing touches as required. Shared activities or trips could help to expand your horizons and help make new contacts. Don't be shy of confrontation, or rebuff constructive criticism. Otherwise, any exchange of views is a waste of time.


Your honest and outgoing personality opens doors for you romantically. It’s the right time to settle any on-going disagreements with your lover that otherwise may have developed into a long-running, tedious dispute. Find closure and deal with anything of this nature to finally rid yourself of this undesirable problem.


Don't over-reach yourself or expect too much from your body. The cumulative effect you’ve built up might create tension and anxiety. Remember to take short rest periods and go easy on your body. Try to get by with a sensible mixture of recreational activity, fresh air, relaxation baths and plenty of sleep.


You unearth many new ideas from stimulating and constructive conversations. You feel eager to learn and open to anything new: Use this opportunity to deepen your understanding; you’ll be satisfied with your achievements and able to profit immensely from this important work over a sustained period.

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