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Anyone who hears what you say notices how good you are with words and is impressed enough to follow your lead, safe in the knowledge that you have the success of all concerned in mind. The power that you wield is not what motivates you, preferring to be popular and ensure a successful outcome for the team is far more appealing.


You love sharing ideas with your partner which are likely to bring success in whatever sort of venture you undertake together. You look forward to your activities as well as appreciating the time spent enjoying more passionate moments with them when you can confidently show how much you care.


Your feelings of exuberance may apply to alternative areas of your life. Any possible recreational activity that involves physical exercise is good for your health. If you’re in a relationship, it doesn't have to be sports all the time: It’s possible you'll benefit more from some passionate time shared with your lover.


You are assertive and confident and look forward to being busy. There’s likely to be no limit to the success you achieve. Your conduct may well attract attention from colleagues who are envious of your talent and may even place obstacles in your way. Be careful to keep an eye on those who potentially might trip you up.

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