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Career & Financial Highlights 2019

By: Astrologer Meha Dube

ARIES: Year starting will be a bit slow but as year progress by you will feel much momentum and inflow in finances .Also bank balance will be good. While investing money consult your near and dear ones. Expenditure may rise owing to lack of budgeting but inflow of money will keep things in check. After August 2019 some good opportunity may knock your door. Investing in Real estate will be good for you . Also family members will become a source of strength in financial matters.

TAURUS: You need to control your outflow of money to save yourself from financial worries and hardships. Your family income will increase substantially and new sources of income will add to it. April to June will show significant improvement in your financial health. Last two quarters of 2019 can bring some overseas opportunity for you which will improve finances.

GEMINI: There will be a major breakthrough in financial health. Some new opportunities will be there . Especially there will be major gain in overseas assignment. Expenses grow when income increases, that’s a part of life. However it’s better to stay active for new work . As lazy attitude can cause some delays in achieving success in financial matters.

CANCER: Significant financial gains from multiple sources will positively influence your financial as well a social reputation. The month from March to June will bring much positive financial health . However be careful in investing money in immovable property as it can cause some loss . Second half of 2019 will open door for some good start up opportunity.

LEO: Foreign clientele and associations could become the reason for huge profits. Remain open to exploration. Clearing off an old debt or purchasing a new vehicle can be on your mind. A bank loan, if applied for can get sanctioned with ease. There will be a minor change in financial health .First half will bring some significant changes and rise in expenditure. However last months can rise some expenditure and can cause some imbalance in finances.

VIRGO: The year will be average in financial aspects. You will feel that the first three months show a rise in your income as the sources increase. Your expenses will also be on a rise, making you a little uncomfortable. Though you will be able to overcome issues but with some. However second quarter and last half will bring some changes for you and you will get some good opportunity to work .

LIBRA: Luck will favour you a lot and you will be able to boost your financial income. First two quarters will bring new opportunities both domestic and international. Don’t rely too much on other for financial advises. A strong possibility of rise in ancestral property is predicted and support from family for financial matters will keep your position firm. Second half can cause some wrong financial decisions but you will be able to overcome it .

SCORPIO: The gap between income and expenditure will not allow you to enjoy what you have. The ups and downs are a part of life. Manage the situation wisely. However there will not be a major breakthrough in finances but you will be able to come out of it . Some gains in stock and bonds will boost income . Also second half of 2019 can make things a bit easier for you financially .

SAGGITARIUS: A special year on financial perspective awaits the Sagittarians. A rise in both income and expenses and rapid monetary gains will welcome you this year. A little hard work and results will be rewarding. To get double the benefit, observe your expenses carefully. Save some money during this favorable time. January, February, May, and October promise good financial returns and financial support from other sources is also predicted. Good gains in share market can be expected.

CAPRICORN: Mixed year and mixed finances will be the highlight. Also try to avoid investing in stock and bonds as it will create some losses for you which can be long term. Take advice from an expert before major economic decisions. You may find it convenient to spend on electronic goods. Think twice before acting like a spendthrift. Disputes relating house or property may catch up this year. Recovering money could be a tough task for you .

AQUARIUS: A great year for financial flow and good inflow . Various sources of income will be there and some good start up opportunities will boost financial income. Also real estate, share marked and small and mid cap securities will give you good results. The year will make you feel satisfied with your monetary returns, especially during the months of January, March, April, November and December. Unexpected gains can also be seen during the initial months.

PISCES: Financial challenges and hurdles can give you some bad moments this year. Invest money very carefully as there will be lot of expenditures. Also February and December will bring good level of earning but there could be loss in the month of August and November.This year could be a bit disappointing for you . Consult an expert while investing money in stock and shares. Luxury expenses are being indicated but spend wisely. Spouse’s support will help you attain wealth.


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